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Supported Bug Trackers

HockeyApp can create tickets for crash reports and feedback in several bug tracking systems:

Product List of Projects Assign Tickets Create Tickets Auto-Create Tickets Additional Features
Visual Studio Team Services x x x x x
JIRA x x x x x
Assembla x x x x
Basecamp x x x x
Basecamp Classic x x x
Bitbucket x x x x
Bugshelf x x x x
Codebase x x x x
Fogbugz x x x x
Github x x x x
Lighthouse x x x x
Mantis x x x x
Pivotal Tracker x x x x
Redmine x x x x
Trac x x x x
Unfuddle x x x x

Additional Information

Group Chats

HockeyApp supports HipChat and Slack through the webhook feature. Just create a webhook that points to your HipChat or Slack channel and HockeyApp will automatically adjust the post body to the right format.

Auto Create Ticket

If you enable the option Auto Create Ticket, HockeyApp will automatically create a ticket for a new crash group, when

  • the crash report is fully symbolicated, and
  • the location of the crash is in your code (app or framework), and
  • the specified number of crashes is reached.

This prevents that you get duplicate crash groups for unsymbolicated and symbolicated groups.

Visual Studio Team Services

The HockeyApp extension for Visual Studio Team Services configures secure integration points, enabling continuous integration for beta distribution, work item management and dashboard widgets within Visual Studio Team Services. Take full advantage of the integration to extend your DevOps workflow to your mobile apps.


HockeyApp supports both the REST API (JIRA 5 or later) and the old SOAP API (JIRA 4). When using the REST API, you can optionally configure to add the first crash log as an attachment to each ticket. You can also set a webhook in JIRA to auto-close crash groups together with tickets, see here.


Starting from September 26th, 2013, HockeyApp uses Github with OAuth 2 and the API v3. For more information about GitHub webhooks see here.


HockeyApp sets the areas Crashes for crash groups and Feedback for feedback threads. Fogbugz ignores those if they don't exist in your project.