How to migrate from HockeyKit server to HockeyApp

If you are already using HockeyKit, your own solution on your own web server or another service, you can easily migrate to HockeyApp without your beta testers of taking notice.

First make sure your server is running the latest HockeyKit version 2 server component and you upgraded the client component also. Then set set client to connect to HockeyApp by following the HockeyKit integration HowTo on your apps main page. The last step is to upload the new beta version to both servers, so previous beta versions will still detect the update on your own server, but from then on will connect to HockeyApp for further updates.

You can also let your testers access your beta versions by sending them the app specific public download page link which is available at the apps main page or by letting them install a webclip on their device directly. This webclip registers their device without requiring them to create a user account at HockeyApp. But it gives direct access to all apps that can be installed directly. The link for the webclip is:

For help with HockeyKit or HockeyKit Server, please visit the GitHub forum at