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How to add owners to an organization

You can add multiple owners to an organization. An owner is able to create and delete apps in the organization's account. It's also possible to let any owner and add other owners.

Organizations require a unique e-mail address that is used to facilitate multiple owners on the same HockeyApp account. An organization e-mail address may not be used to login to HockeyApp. You may use a generic admin e-mail address, an alias of an existing e-mail address, or the e-mail address of a distribution list as your organization e-mail address.

The following steps describe how to setup and use the owners feature.

1. Adding an Owner

Login to HockeyApp and click on your name in the top navigation bar, then on the organization, and finally on Owners. You should see an input area to add a new owner. Enter the email address of the new owner. It does not matter if they are already a user of HockeyApp or not. If they are not, HockeyApp will send him an email with instructions on how to confirm the new account and set a password.

If an owner changes the position or leaves you company, you have two options to remove them from the account:

  • Click on "Demote" and the owner will lose their rights to manage the organization, but keep all memberships as a developer, member or tester of the organization's apps.

  • Clicking on "Remove" and the owner will lose their rights to manage the organization and be removed from all apps.

2. Being an Owner

When an owner logs in into HockeyApp, they will see information about all organizations in the account settings. Please note that the owner does not automatically become a member of all your apps unless that option was activated for this owner. The current logic is as follows:

  • If an owner creates a new app, this app is only visible to them and all developers, members, and testers of this app. The app will only be visible to the owner if the option "Add to all apps automatically" is enabled or the owner was manually added to the app.

  • If an owner creates a new app in the organization, the app is visible to them and to all other organization owners that have automatic access to all apps enabled. All these users have equal rights for updating and deleting the app as well as adding new developers or testers to it.

  • If an owner moves an app from their personal user to an organization, the owner will be downgraded from owner to developer. They still can view the app, upload builds or delete the app.


Owners can also add or remove other owners. When adding a new owner, the current owner can only set the rights that they have themselves. For example, if an owner has no access to all distribution groups, they can not add a new owner with such access.

3. Creating or Updating an App as an Owner

If the owner creates or uploads a new app or edits an existing app, they can select the account in which the app should be saved.

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