App Center | HockeyApp will be transitioning into App Center on Nov. 16, 2019.

HockeyApp for Application Insights Device Customers

Welcome Application Insights Users

HockeyApp would like to welcome you from Application Insights to the HockeyApp experience. HockeyApp provides a rich set of mobile DevOps features, supporting distribution of your app, rich crash analytics, integrated user feedback, and user metrics.

How to migrate

  1. Navigate to your application in the Azure portal.
  2. Click on the orange status bar saying Transfer to HockeyApp.
  3. Click the Transfer App button.
  4. Thats it!

Behind the scenes the migration tool will use your Azure credentials to log in and create a HockeyApp account (if you don't already have one or it isn't linked to your Azure login credentials). It will then automatically provision a new HockeyApp app for you. This new app will be automatically linked with your Application Insights app. They will share the same instrumentationKey / appID and data sent via a AI or HA SDK will flow to both experiences until the June 15th sunset date for Application Insights. After that date data will only be available via HockeyApp.

What did you get?

You should be able to see data for your app already. Historical data sent to Application Insights should still be visible via the HockeyApp experience. Just navigate to your app overview page and you should be able to see data for users and sessions.

iOS and Android crash data should be visible in the HockeyApp crash experience. Only new crashes sent by your app after the transition will be tracked. Please note that for iOS apps you will need to re-upload your symbol files to the HockeyApp system. For Windows apps you will need to integrate the HockeySDK for crash collection. For Windows 10 apps we have support for .net Native symbolication.

Custom events are also now supported in HockeyApp. By transferring your app from Application Insights you will also get support for our newest custom events feature. Support for this data is currently limited to event data, HockeyApp does not support pageviews, traces, or metric data types.

If you are utilizing Continuous Export or Application Insights Analytics those features will continue to work un-impacted by this migration.

Next Steps

Setup App Access While your application has been enabled for you, we are unable to transfer access to the rest of your team. You will need to go to HockeyApp's app user management to grant access to this HockeyApp to the rest of your developer and tester teammates.

Investigate HockeyApp SDKs The Application Insights SDKs will continue to work and data will be ingested from them. However, they are now deprecated and no further investments will be made. We recommend all customers to investigate and plan a migration to the latest HockeyApp SDK.

Prepare for Application Insights Sunset On June 15th the Application Insights experience will shut down. You should ensure that you and your team is prepared in advanced and moved over to the HockeyApp experience before that date arrives.

Look at other HockeyApp features HockeyApp has many additional features beyond the Application Insights offering. Especially in the areas of app distribution and user feedback.

Manually create App Version HockeyApp was unable to properly identify the application version from historical data. If you would like to use the version filtering in HockeyApp, you should manually create new versions that have a build number that matches the version build number of the telemetry sent to AI.


We are happy and excited to have Application Insights device customers on the HockeyApp experience. And we are working rapidly to increase the capabilities of HockeyApp. If you have any trouble during the migration or feel crucial features are missing please feel free to reach out to us by submitting a support request or even better by having a conversation with us directly via our public slack channel.