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General Questions

What is HockeyApp?

HockeyApp is a service for app developers to support them in various aspects of their development process, including the management and recruitment of testers, the distribution of apps and the collection of crash reports.

Why the name "HockeyApp"?

Our product started as an open-source project named Hockey which allowed you to install iOS beta apps on your iPhone. Apple calls this installation process (outside the App Store) ad hoc distribution. The name Hockey was a word play on the Hoc in ad hoc distribution and the word key. When we launched the HockeyApp, the open-source project had already gained traction in the community, so we kept the name and added App at the end.

What platforms does it support?

HockeyApp supports apps on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows & Windows Phone as well as custom apps. Crash reports & user metrics are working on all those platforms. Beta distribution is fully functional on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac OS X; for custom apps, you can only notify testers via email, but there is no in-app update functionality.

What type of apps are supported?

Our crash report management feature is supported for alpha, beta and production apps, i.e. apps in the App Store, Google Play or distributed elsewhere. The crash reporter does not use any private API, so there should be no issues in the review process.

How does crash reporting work?

On iOS and Mac OS X, our SDK leverages the PLCrashReporter framework by Plausible Labs. PLCrashReporter is open source and creates full standard crash logs with all threads. Read more about the reliability of the crash reporter here.

After the user has sent the crash log, the HockeyApp server collects all crash information and automatically symbolicates all threads to provide class names, method names and even line numbers. To achieve this, developers need to upload the dSYM package for each app version for iOS and Mac OS X apps. It is not necessary to upload the app binary.

HockeyApp groups the crash reports on all platforms by similarities, so developers always see the critical parts quickly and easily (read more).

How does beta distribution work?

On iOS, we are using the official over-the-air enterprise distribution mechanism, which is available since iOS 4.0 and works for both ad-hoc and enterprise distribution. The tester can install a web-clip on his home screen by going to This web-clip gives him access to all installable apps.

On Android, the testers open the download page in the device's browser, downloads the .apk file and executes it from the Download area after the download is finished.

If you have integrated our HockeySDK into your app, the tester gets an alert if he opens the app and a new version is available for download. He can then update the app right from there. Get more information by reading the integration documentation for iOS or Android.

You can also distribute your app via a public URL. If you enable the Public Download Page, anyone with the URL and whose UDID is in the provisioning profile will be able to access and download the app. If you want to restrict the Download Page to registered HockeyApp users only, use the Private Download Page.

  • Enable public distribution: Dashboard - Apps - "Your App" - Manage App - Distribution - Download Page - Public
  • Find the public download URL: HockeyApp Dashboard - Apps - "Your App" - Download & Feedback

How do I add team members or testers to my app?

You can manage users in teams or per app and define the role for each user independently. Developers can manage the app and upload new versions. Members can see all data, but not change it. Testers can view the download page and install the app.

You can read more about the user management in the articles on How to invite beta testers and How to manage users and restrict builds

How do I manage a corporate account?

If you have subscribed to a Business plan, you can add multiple owners to an organization. Each owner is able to create and delete apps in the corporate account. It's also possible to let the owners handle the billing of this account.

Is there a size limit for apps?

The maximum size for a build is 4 GB. If you want to upload files bigger than 100 MB, we highly recommend to use our HockeyMac uploader or our Upload API.

Is there a limit for the number of testers or users?

No, HockeyApp does not have a limit for the number of beta testers or users of the app. On iOS, Apple limits the number of devices depending on the developer program, see the next question.

Is the Apple Developer Program required?

For distribution of alpha, beta, or enterprise builds on iOS, you do need to enroll for Apple's developer program. There are two different programs available:

  • The Apple Developer Program lets you distribute your apps through the App Store and for testing purposes through ad-hoc distribution. This kind of distribution is limited to 100 UDIDs per device type (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV).

  • The Apple Developer Enterprise Program is intended for in-house distribution of your enterprise or line-of-business apps without the need of collecting UDIDs. It can not be used to submit apps to the App Store.

Please note that it is your responsibility to comply with Apple's terms and conditions.

Do I still need to maintain a provisioning profile?

Yes. The ad-hoc or enterprise distribution process is still required to install iOS beta versions via HockeyApp.

HockeyApp uses Apples official "Distributing Enterprise Apps for iOS 4 Devices" process to provide Over-The-Air distribution of beta versions. This process is available for any app that is using an ad-hoc or enterprise provisioning profile.

Are enterprise apps supported?

Yes, HockeyApp fully supports distribution with the Apple Enterprise Developer Program.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do. HockeyApp provides an open and documented API for lots of its data and we extend this continuously. The current API is documented here. Feel free to contact us if you have further needs.

Do you have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Yes, they are linked at the bottom of each page on or For convenience, here are the direct links:

How do I get support?

If you need additional information or have more questions, suggestions, or feedback, you can reach us here: