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Azure Active Directory Integration


HockeyApp supports user log in and management via the Azure Active Directory identity management system. We support both sign in using your Microsoft Work Account credentials and management of users / teams via Active Directory security groups.

Sign in with AAD credentials

No special configuration is needed to support signing with your Microsoft Work and School Account. If your account is valid in Azure Active Directory (and it will be already if you are using Office 365, Azure, or Dynamics CRM or if your on prem, Active Directory is linked), you can simply sign in via the Microsoft Work or School Account button on the HockeyApp sign in form.

If your active directory credentials are not synced with AAD yet, please contact your active directory administrator to sync. AAD documentation will walk you through the process.

Signup my organization to use Active Directory security groups

In order to have access to security group as a management option for apps, the apps must be owned by an organization. You must then link that organization to your AAD tenant. To accomplish this simply navigate to your organization account page and select the Active Directory tab. From there simply click the link button, log into your AAD account using a tenant admin account. Once linked, HockeyApp will synchronize the security group membership automatically.


Utilize security groups to manage users

Once linked, you can use security groups from your app to control access to apps. Navigate to the user tab to manage user access for your app. You can utilize the new Security Group button to add a security group as a user to an app and treat the security group just like a user or team in HockeyApp. Granting it access to the app, and assigning a role such as developer or member.