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Crash Reporting for UWP

Crash reporting for Universal Windows Platform 10 (UWP) applications will allow you to get the information about unhandled exceptions that crashed your app, provide rich exception diagnostics experience, user impact and segment analysis.

Following the instructions below should get you started. Have a look at our sample project on github to see the features in action.

This document contains the following sections:

  1. On-boarding Instructions
  2. Crash Analytics
    1. Exception Diagnostics
    2. User Impact Analysis
    3. Segment Analysis
  3. References

1. On-boarding Instructions

Ensure you set up application as described here.

2. Crash Analytics

2.1. Exception Diagnostics

With exception diagnostics you can see the exception call stack, exception message, exception type name, file name and line number which caused a crash in the app.
Please note that the stacktrace of UnobservedTaskException could be empty as a result of the handler not passing in the exception.


2.2 User Impact Analysis

For every exception group, with HockeyApp you can see number of users impacted by the crash group for the past 30 days. To see this information, go to Crash tab.

2.3. Segment Analysis

In HockeyApp, you can see slice and dice crash statistics by Operating System and Device models.



3. References

  1. HockeyApp for UWP Apps: Video Recording. In this video, you will learn how HockeyApp can help you with beta distribution, crash reporting, usage analytics and custom events analysis.