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How to manually upload and symbolicate a crash

This how-to describes how to manually upload a crash log to HockeyApp. The starting point is the dashboard:

  1. If you have already created an app, please click on the app's icon. If not, read this how-to and follow the steps there first.

  2. You need to know to which version of your app the crash belongs. If you have already created the version and uploaded the dSYM, please click on the version and jump to step 11.

  3. You need to upload the .dSYM bundle to HockeyApp to enable symbolication. If you have built your app with Xcode 7, menu Product > Archive, you can find the .dSYM as follows:

  4. Open Xcode and chose Window > Organizer in Xcode.

  5. Select the tab Archives.

  6. Select your app in the left sidebar.

  7. Right-click on the latest archive and select Show in Finder.

  8. Right-click the .xcarchive in Finder and select Show Package Contents.

  9. You should see a folder named dSYMs which contains your dSYM bundle. If you use Safari, just drag this file from Finder and drop it on to the app page. If you use another browser, copy the file to a different location, then right-click it and choose Compress "YourApp.dSYM". The file will be compressed as a .zip file. Drag & drop this file to the drop zone on your app's page.

  10. As an alternative for step 5 and 6, you can use our HockeyMac app to upload the complete archive in one step.

  11. Click on the tab "Crashes", then on the blue button "Upload Crash".

  12. Fill out the form and press Save.

Your crash is now queued for high-priority symbolication and should be ready within 5 to 15 minutes.