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How to create a new app

This how-to describes how to create a new app on HockeyApp. You can only update & create apps if you are an account owner.

Create App from the HockeyApp Dashboard

Drag & Drop

Drag your build from a Finder or Explorer window and drop it onto the dashboard. The upload will start immediately and the progress is shown with a progress bar. When the upload is finished, the status will change to "Processing" and afterwards you are redirected to the version page (or to a dropdown to select your account if you are a member of an organization).

Please note that HockeyApp always creates an app with the type "beta" if you create an app through drag & drop.

Manual Entry

Click on the blue "New App" button, then on the link "manually". Fill out the form and press "Save". Make sure that you select the right platform, it can't be changed afterwards.

After the app has been created, you can edit it's details by clicking on the "Manage App" button.

Create App via the HockeyApp API

The HockeyApp API: Apps may also be used to upload apps.

Create App via the HockeyApp Client Apps

HockeyApp offers several client applications for different operating systems that allow you to easily upload your applications to HockeyApp. You can also see the articles on How to upload to HockeyApp from Mac OS X and How to upload to HockeyApp from Windows and the full list of HockeyApp releases for more information.

Create App via a Build Server

HockeyApp support various build servers & tools:

Supported File Types

You can upload the following file types depending on the platform. For information on how and when to use these file types, see "How to create a new version."


  • .ipa: a self-contained iPhone application package
  • a symbolication file for iOS apps
  • .mobileprovision: a distributable provisioning profile


  • .apk: a self-contained Android application package
  • mapping.txt: a Proguard deobfuscation file
  • a Breadpad symbolication file


  • a self-contained OS X application
  • a symbolication file for OS X applications
  • .provisionprofile: a distributable provisioning profile
  • .dmg: an Apple Disk Image file
  • .pkg: a self-contained OS X application

For .dmg and .pkg, the version has to be manually created first.

Windows & Windows Phone

  • .msi: a self-contained Windows application installation package
  • .xap: a self-contained Windows Phone 7 or 8 application package
  • .appx: a self-contained Windows 8 application package (Windows 10 UWP supported)
  • .aetx: an application enrollment token


  • .zip
  • .bar