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How does HockeyApp group crashes

HockeyApp combines similar crashes into so called crash groups.

Grouping crashes

The current HockeyApp crash grouping algorithm works as follows:

  1. The version of the app is submitted together with the crash report; if the version does not exists on HockeyApp, it is created.

  2. The stack trace of the crashed thread is parsed for lines with your app name, bundle identifier or package name on Android. The top-most line becomes the crash location, the whole stack trace is saved separately and shown under "Stack Traces" on the detail page.

  3. The reason is parsed from the crash log.

The combination of all three criteria creates the crash group. HockeyApp does not consider lines of code in system frameworks as they differ between different OS versions and sometimes even on the same OS version (e.g. when an object is over-released, the exception and stack trace is not always the same).

Misc. crash considerations:

  • The HockeyApp API and Web Interfaces allow some standard methods to filter and sort crashes server side, but if you need more advanced methods to filter or sort your crash data, you will need to download the full list of your crashes and sort them on the client side.
  • If you need to reprocess a crash report, please contact support to see why the crash was not processed and to find out if it can be reprocessed.