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Controlling what data is collected and retained by HockeyApp

In addition to many configuration possibilities in our SDKs, HockeyApp offers several server-side options to control what data we collect and how long it is retained.

Data Retention Duration

In the "Manage App" menu, you can set the duration for which HockeyApp will retain certain types of data.


Setting this setting to anything other than "Unlimited" will automatically delete all individual crash logs that are older than the specified number of retention days. It will however not delete the crash groups, which are the abstract representation of similar crash logs. In addition, it will also delete all feedback threads that had no activity by the original sender in that timespan.

Blocking Incoming Data

If you have existing versions of an app that are sending data that you don't want HockeyApp to ingest and process at all, there is a way to block some types of data.


Enabling Block Crashes will block all new incoming crash reports of this app that are being sent to the HockeyApp API by our SDK or other clients.

Enabling Block Personal Data will strip user and contact information that was attached by utilizing our provided SDK functionality from the crash report.