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API: Provisioning Profiles

This Developer API lets you update the provisioning profile of a version (only for iOS apps). All endpoints require authentication with an API token.

Upload Profile

POST /api/2/apps/APP_ID/provisioning_profiles

This API lets you add a new provisioning profile to the latest version of an existing iOS app.


  • mobileprovision - required, the provisioning profile as a file


curl \
  -F "mobileprovision=@HockeyDemo.mobileprovision" \
  -H "X-HockeyAppToken: 4567abcd8901ef234567abcd8901ef23" \


Status: 201
    "devices": [
    "timestamp": 1319045366,
    "version": "1.0 (23)"

The array devices includes all UDIDs of your profile.